Heartbreaker 8 piece dice set stylized photo



Is "The Only Heartbreaker" by Mitski constantly playing in everyone else's head? No, just me? Tight!


This 8 piece dice set includes two D20's, one standard and one with the Desmodus Rotundus logo on the 20 face. This set features white pearl resin that was poured and then topped with a drop of magenta alcohol ink. The ink dispersed to create this beautiful bleeding heart ombre effect. Inked in white pearl and gold on the high faces, these dice are sure to fit your irresistible OC that can't seem to stop breaking hearts (intentionally or not).


Because these dice are handmade by me, there are minor mold marks that may be present on some dice. These marks are very slight and do not affect the playabililty of these dice. Any major imperfections will be listed and pictures will be provided in the listing. If you would like to see more pictures of these flaws or have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to me via email!