Prism Geometric Yellow Arch

Prism Pearlescent Resin Earrings with Cellophane

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$6.40Sale Price

Earrings for the folx that want simplicity with a pop of color! These earrings are misfits, but still deserve a nice home! They can be combined to make a full set of you would like, or they can be purchased individually. Choose your starter! There is the electric yellow colored small arch,  the blue colored half arches, or the purple and yellow colored oval shapes. They all have cellophane floating throughout to give them holographic shimmer. All of these earrings feature gold plated stainless steel ear studs or ear wires. They are light weight and have great movement so that the sun can catch all of the shimmer! 

If you would like to purchase these as a set, choose from the drop down menu the quantity you would like. In the personalizing text field, please let me know if you would like a specific earring in your set, or I will send you a random ones.

  • Resin is a tough, yet delicate medium to work with and care for. Although it is rock hard, it can be scratched after some wear and tear, and the colors can fade or change if left in direct sunlight. For best care, store in a cool, soft place. A velvet bag or a foam lined tin is recommended. Try to roll dice on a smooth, even surface. Most resins can change color over time, especially if it is white colored or if it is left in direct sunlight for long periods of time. If you purchase light or white colored resin products, they can yellow over time. This is a natural process wherein the UV rays from the sun activate the polymers in resin and cause them to break down. To extend the color and the life of your resin piece, keeping them out of direct sunlight is best. 

    If you wish to polish your resin piece to give it a little extra shine, always use a microfiber towel and Plastx or Scratchx polishing paste. Anything that is not a microfiber towel will likely scratch your piece even more. The polishing pastes can be found at local stores in the automotive section.